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We specialize in devices for energy conservation and green/smart buildings, especially those buildings with demand-controlled ventilation systems. Our major products include full range of carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) sensors for demand control ventilation of air-conditioned spaces and for enclosed carparks. We also have CO2 sensors which can withstand high humidity areas such as air ducting systems, incubators and high-tech farming that adopts enhanced growth. Our other products include multi-gas transmitters, occupancy and temperature controllers.

Our latest addition is a USB CO2 sensor, called Qui Vive, which comes with an app that monitors real time usage on your mobile phone! This app will capture every data and send to a chart where you can monitor the changes of CO2 concentration and design your ventilation requirements. Always on the Qui Vive for CO2 level and reduce tendency of indoor aerosol transmission.

Our Business Partners

SenseAir AB of Sweden

HANA Engineering
International of Korea

Reachtec Aire Ltd

Our customers are

  • HVAC control companies
  • AHU manufacturers
  • Electrical installers
  • CO2 incubator manufacturers
  • Greenhouse control system companies
  • Automobile manufacurers
  • IoT system integrator

Our products are

  • Full range of CO2 sensors and controllers
  • CO2 in the train cabin/buses
  • CO2 alarm and warning devices
  • CO2 incubators of plant tissue culture
  • Desk-top CO2 monitors
  • PM2.5/PM10 transmitter/TVOC transmitter
  • Occupancy sensors
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